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and encourages families to thrive.

A revolutionary system for teachers, students and school communities at large.
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Impacting both staff and students alike.

Student Engagement
In class facilitated programs that promote mental, emotional and social resilience have undergone extensive clinical and educational trials.
Family Outreach
'Revolutionary' programs have been designed to equip and empower parents of babies, toddlers, children and teenagers.
Personal Development
Peoplecare programs are also designed to help staff maintain their own mental, emotional wellbeing, and enhance their own in-class influence and effectiveness.
Staff Training
Subscribers of both Standard and Advanced plans receive campus-wide professional development and training for team members every year! 
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What your school can achieve with this tool.

Peoplecare offers a growing library of student-friendly personal development programs (both online and offline). Educational curriculums can be facilitated in class or as part of after-school care. The goal of student engagement is to:

  • Help instill core values
  • Build mental and emotional resilience
  • Influence behaviour
  • Develop Healthy habits

Programs are developed from a conservative Biblical worldview yet designed for everyday application. While curriculums are specifically designed with Christian schools in mind, programs are suitable for both Christian and non-Christian students alike.

Education starts at home. As such, the Peoplecare platform serves to equip and empower families with resources and tools to help their children thrive. There is no limit to the number of programs schools can make available to families that are part of their school community.

6+ Comprehensive 
parenting revolution & relationship curriculums
4+ Comprehensive
emotional health & resilience curriculums
2+ Comprehensive
personal development & wellbeing curriculums

There is no other platform on the planet that equips and empowers schools to make comprehensive education curriculums FREELY available to school families.

Beyond the plethora of discipleship curriculums that may also personally benefit school staff (and their families), 'Standard' and 'Advanced' plans offer schools professional development and training EVERY YEAR (valued at thousands of dollars). Themes range from 'behavioural influence' and 'effective group dynamics', through to 'developing a spirit of excellence' and 'cultivating healthy organisation culture.'

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Peoplecare offers a broad range of educational empowerment programs that benefit both staff and students alike. Moreover, for the same cost that a school pays one expert to deliver a professional development day for staff,  'Standard' and 'Advanced' programs include an entire suite of staff training and development opportunities EVERY YEAR. This opportunity is too good to pass up.

"This is hands down some of the best teaching on behavioural influence I've ever seen. This is just as helpful for me, as a teacher, as it is for students."
Kirralee Waterhouse — Secondary Teacher

Empower your school community: teachers, students and families.

When a school subscribes to Peoplecare, the entire school community benefits. This platform is unlike anything you've seen before, helping teachers, students and families thrive.

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"This is an invaluable platform that equips educators to help an impressionable and searching generation deal with everyday life challenges in highly effective ways."
Adri Macleod
- Maths & Science Teacher, CURVE Founder