Join more than 1'062 Christian Churches, Schools, Organisations and Ministry Leaders who are actively transforming lives with Peoplecare programs.

Irrespective of your organisation's size or budget, there's an attractive subscription to suit your needs.
Single User Plan
A light plan that allows you to facilitate self-report evaluations, as well as access and share discipleship programs to community members.
per month
(billed annually)
Single User Account
Access to all online programs
Unlimited Program Sharing
iOS Assessment App
Comprehensive mental health
Downloadable Workbooks
Discounts on Workshops & live Webinars
Regular content & feature updates
Standard Support
Equip your community now
Standard Team Plan
A comprehensive plan that allows you to access and share all assessment and discipleship programs, as well as a range of highly valued, educational features.
per month
(billed annually)
Includes all Single User Plan features plus:
Up to 10 Team Members
Advanced online educational Workshops for Pastoral Care facilitators & Ministry Leaders
Live Webinars with highly qualified industry experts
Access to world class small-group programs (offline)
24/7 Technical Support
Equip your community now

*Less than $55 per facilitator, per month


What you will get with all plans.

Unlimited Program Sharing

With any subscription, there's
no limit to the number of programs facilitators can share with community members.

Comprehensive Workbooks

State-of-the-art interactive workbooks featuring session summaries, activities, exercises and discussion questions.

Assessment App

Access to Health Checks across a variety of personal, relational and financial wellbeing domains to help measure growth.

Growing Content Library

New empowerment programs are  developed every year on topics in line with the most prevalent issues and pressing needs faced by communities.

Community Outreach

A number of programs have also been designed for outreach, suitable for community events, public schools and even in response to humanitarian crises.

Bonus Updates

The Peoplecare platform is periodically updated with the latest empirical breakthroughs in Clinical Psychology and Cognitive and Neuroscience research.

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The REAL Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

[01] - Are subscriptions to Peoplecare
only available to organisations?

Yes. Subscription to Peoplecare is only available to Christian Churches, Schools and Business/Humanitarian Organisations. These Organisations, in turn, make assessments and programs FREELY available to the congregations and communities they serve.

[02] - Can we cancel our subscription at any time?

An Organisation can cancel their subscription at anytime, which then takes effect at the following billing cycle (annually). Organisations are still eligible to access, share and utilise all assessments and discipleship programs until the end of the subscription cycle.

[03] - Can teachings be published online?

International copyright laws prevent Peoplecare discipleship programs (including digital, print, audio or video materials) from being published on the internet in any form (including as part of church services broadcast online).

[04] - Why is the "Standard Team" subscription plans the most popular?

The cost for a Clinical Psychologist to provide 1x Professional Development Training is about the same cost of an annual subscription, making the 'Standard' plan incredibly good value.

[05] - Can video teachings or programs be broadcast to large audiences?

Yes. Organisations can broadcast teachings as seminars, devotionals or workshops to their congregations and community members.

[06] - Can Peoplecare be used to minister to business or organisation staff?

Yes. In addition to congregations and communities, Peoplecare is a popular discipleship tool that helps enrich the lives of Christian Businesses, Schools, Church Ministry and Humanitarian Organisation staff.

[07] - Can we upgrade our subscription level?

Yes. You can upgrade your subscription level at anytime, giving you access to all additional benefits. Prior payments are credited against your upgrade.

[08] - Can we request program development for specific themes?

Yes. We seek feedback from users on the most prevalent issues and pressing needs to then research, develop and produce new empowerment initiatives.

Not a decision-maker in your organisation?

Organisational decision makers are able to subscribe, create accounts
and manage individual team members.
Not in charge?
Tell your organisational leader about