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When you make personal growth opportunities available to your team, both staff and clientele become beneficiaries.
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When staff members thrive in their mental, emotional, relational and financial health, productivity and performance also improve.
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When organisational leaders strategically invest in valued team members, they yield healthy culture dividends that keep on giving.
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Use professional development and training opportunities to cultivate a strong ethos where everyone thrives.
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Types of Christian organisations that benefit from People Care?

Mental health concerns, destructive habits and relationship breakdown all take a huge toll on organisational productivity and profitability. A lack of emotional resilience, combined with work pressure or interpersonal conflict, are some of the leading causes of work absenteeism (and high staff turn over rates). Peoplecare  helps business leaders raise competency among staff in four specific areas:

  • Handle critical incidents well
  • Improve interpersonal relations
  • Burnout prevention
  • Formation of healthy habits

Empowerment programs can be made available to staff as part of their professional development, or even made available for personal use – completing educational programs in the privacy of their own home.

Faith based Humanitarian Agencies, NGOs and missionaries on the frontline have  been using well established Peoplecare programs for many years. Hundreds of thousands of community members devastated by natural disaster, refugees of war, and survivors of human trafficking around the world graduated from our evidence-based curriculums. While all empowerment programs are are founded biblical worldview, a number of discipleship initiatives are suitable for outreach with people groups of diverse faith.

300,000+ graduates
of trauma rehabilitation worldwide
25+ countries
where empowerment programs are employed
5 continents
trauma informed care  training provided

Some graduates of empowerment programs have seen such radical transformation in their lives, that they've gone on to become pastoral care facilitators themselves, helping now to serve others in need.

Ministry leaders experience some of the highest rates of burnout and post-traumatic stress. The Peoplecare discipleship platform serves to equip and empower church networks to support their ministry leaders in handling critical incidents well – building emotional resilience, improving relationships, growing through tragedy, developing healthy habits and preventing burn out – just to name a few benefits.

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Improve organisational culture and create healthy team dynamics.

High impact organisations and leaders at the apex of their industry understand the importance of professional development for continued growth. Organisations that grow have strategic planning, evaluation and training as default settings. Rather than growing bigger, Peoplecare helps organisations grow stronger.

"A21 have been using Dr Robi’s educational-intervention programs over the past decade. We really respect Dr Robi and the important work he is part of. This is a must for ministry leaders everywhere."
Nick and Christine Caine — Founders, A21

Professional development requires discipleship systems, structures and syllabus.

Healthy organisations focus on moulding great leaders, yet great leaders first learn how to lead themselves.

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"If ever there was a time we need to learn how to renew our minds, take our thoughts captive, and proactively protect and build our mental health, it is now."
Ps. Ross Abraham
Chairman, INC National Executive