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A revolutionary Pastoral Care system set to forever change the way Christian Ministry Leaders help people.

Peoplecare covers four key features that are in touch with the pulse of the times.
feature #1

Peoplecare offers unlimited access to personalised 'Health Checks' via a purpose-built iOS Assessment App.


tandardised care starts with proper assessment and evaluation. If facilitators don’t evaluate how well a person is functioning when they are presenting for Pastoral Care, they have no quantitative benchmark upon which to inform decisions or measure progress. For this reason, a number of specific assessments have been developed to guide facilitators in the Pastoral Care process.

The Peoplecare Assessment App helps facilitators gain a snapshot of how well a person is functioning. Functioning levels helps guide program recommendations and inform referral decisions.

The purpose built iOS Assessment App has four main features:
  • 15 minute 'health checks' across a broad variety of assessment domains
    (from relationships and parenting to mental health and financial well-being).
  • Intuitive rating scale (no multi-choice questions).
  • ‍Results section classifies 'level of functioning' - highlighting both personal strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Automatically recommends suitable discipleship programs for sharing.
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Whether your organisation is large or small, people care has a subscription plan that's right for you. 

feature #2

With Peoplecare, you get to partner with an entire team of industry experts who've developed a broad range of empowerment programs you can share with anyone.


mpowerment programs can be streamed on any device, from anywhere, at any time - whether for personal use (in the privacy of one’s home or in church connect-groups) or corporate use (broadcast in staff meetings, school classes or small discussion groups). With any subscription, there is no limit to the number of programs you can share.
That's revolutionary!

The Peoplecare library of discipleship programs continues to expand each year. New empowerment initiatives continue to be researched, developed and produced on topics that are in line with the most prevalent issues and pressing needs facing people in the world today.

Empowerment programs help advance health in four main areas:
  • Mental health and well-being.
  • Relationships and Parenting.
  • Financial Stewardship.
  • Personal Development.
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Purpose built iOS Assessment App

Unlimited access to Health Checks

Empowerment Program Library

Unlimited discipleship-program sharing

Comprehensive Workbooks

Key learning summaries, activities and exercises

Pastoral Care Training & Development

Professional workshops, tip sheets and webinars
feature #3

Empowerment programs are accompanied by in-depth user-friendly workbooks, designed specifically to help cultivate Kingdom Mindset.


tate-of-the-art interactive workbooks present the best of science and scripture. Workbooks highlight operational principles and summarise key lessons. Inspirational examples, discussion points and practice exercises all help consolidate learning.

All written materials are developed by an international team of experts and produced by professional designers - making for a highly valued user-experience.

What's Inside:
  • Written resources foster individual, couple or group learning.
  • Downloadable workbooks accompany each program session.
  • Professional printed all-in-one workbooks can be ordered online.
  • Offline programs (facilitator manuals and group participant workbooks)
    are also a feature of Standard and Advanced plans.
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feature #2

With both Standard and Advanced plans, teams receive Pastoral Care professional training and development every year!


nline workshops, webinars and live trainings are delivered by qualified experts in Clinical Psychology, and are valued at thousands of dollars. Standard and Advanced subscribers don’t pay any extra - it’s all included in the plan!

Professional development and team training covers a broad range of pastoral care topics from 'working with difficult people' and 'managing high-risk individuals' through to 'establishing healthy boundaries' and 'self-care'..

Professional Pastoral Care Support includes:
  • Pastoral Care Tip Sheets.
  • Regular webinars.
  • Online Workshops.
  • LIVE (tailored) professional development and training.
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"The Peoplecare platform has been4 years in the making and has brought together leading industry experts and key churches from around the world. It's been a tremendous honour to have been a part of this Pastoral Care revolution."
Dr Robi Sonderegger
Clinical Psychologist