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A dynamic discipleship platform set to forever change the way churches care for people.
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Why your church needs Peoplecare.

Post-pandemic Response
When things return to relative 'normalcy' (following any critical period), only then do the long-term effects of stress, social withdrawal and relational-strain typically start to show. Yet restoration is at the heart of Christianity.
Unprecedented Times
Mental illness is at an all time high (with depression listed as the world's leading cause of disability). 35-50% of people do not receive adequate support or care. This is an opportunity for the church to rise and shine.
The Great Commission
The Bible has commissioned the church to go into all the world and proclaim the good news and make disciples and usher in God’s liberty and favour. Disciple making is central to the Christian mandate.
Leading the way
In previous generations, the church was at the forefront of service and innovation. In our current generation, the church has an opportunity to be the world's leading global advocate for mental and relational heath.
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Why Pastoral Care facilitators are
raving about this platform.

Pastoral-care facilitators most commonly work with people wrestling with relationship, health and financial problems. However, because there’s no church-wide 'standard of care', well-meaning advice can be somewhat hit-and-miss. If a person representing your church gives the wrong advice or fails to uphold an ethical duty-of-care, that could be disastrous for the person seeking help and a legal nightmare for the church offering it. That’s why Peoplecare is a total game changer for churches.

  • Education, not counselling (mitigating litigation)
  • Developed by industry experts in collaboration with churches
  • Unlimited assessment use and program sharing
  • Professional development and pastoral care training

Peoplecare has been designed to equip and empower facilitators, raise the quality of care provided to congregation members and safeguard churches from litigation.

Programs range in topic from dealing with personal trauma and tragedy, understanding anxiety and depression and addressing hang-ups, cravings and temptations; all the way through to marriage preparation, marriage enrichment, parenting and youth programs (understanding identity, purpose and value).

13 (and growing)
Unique Themes
Individual workbooks
21+ hours
Educational Content

In addition to the comprehensive discipleship curriculum library, the iOS Assessment App features 6x unique assessment categories (and growing). Furthermore, churches who subscribe to Standard and Advanced plans, gain access to a series of Pastoral Care trainings/workshops, webinars and tip sheets.

A number of people care programs are suitable for outreach to secular population groups. As the church fulfils its mandate to "go into all the world", Peoplecare provides educational resources to serve local communities. For example, parenting resources that equip and empower families, rehabilitation programs that help refugees or survivors of catastrophic events, and personal development programs for youth.

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A testimony of transformation is only as powerful as the data that verifies its legitimacy.

If progress cannot be measured, it may as well not have happened. Our purpose-built assessment app helps Pastoral Care facilitators establish base-line functioning, monitors progress and growth, and where appropriate, helps facilitators make recommendations and referrals.

"Peoplecare couldn't come at a more crucial time (following COVID-19). We really need this online platform for discipleship and pastoral counselling."
Ps. Tan Seow How & Lia Chan
Heart of God Church, Singapore

A discipleship initiative unlike anything you've seen before.

Instead of counselling or therapy, standardised educational programs help participants develop insight into the challenges they face, develop strategies to reconcile their past and acquire effective skills to get on with their future. Rather than becoming dependent on the church, the aim of People Care is to empower your congregation TO BE THE CHURCH.

Start to see immediate change in the community members your church serves:

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Ps. Mark & Jemima Varughese
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