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Peoplecare helps you build resilient, highly effective leaders through ongoing training in pastoral care, self-care strategy development, and access to transformational discipleship programs (that serve your entire congregation).

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“I am glad to be able to share this with our pastors and leaders”
Ps. Wayne Alcorn, ACC National President
WHat is

An innovative assessment and discipleship platform to help you care for people!

At a time when mental illness, relationship breakdown, financial stress, hang ups and problematic-habits are at an all time high, comes a world-first Pastoral-Care initiative designed to help equip and empower Christian leaders to sustainably transform the communities they serve.

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Caring for people has never been so affordable and effective.

How does it work?

Empowering you to enhance effectiveness and eliminate liability.

Innovative Solutions
In a digital age, finally there’s a digital solution - combining video-based discipleship, workbook downloads, tip sheets and hard-copy resources.
Eliminates Liability
Pastoral Care delivered through discipleship, not counselling - thereby, eliminating malpractice pitfalls and potential litigation.
Unlimited Assessments
Unlimited access to the People Care assessments (iOS App) that matches specific participant needs and with educational solutions.
Expanding Program Library
New in-depth programs continually being developed, forming the most comprehensive standardised online Pastoral Care library ever created.

Empower people by sharing world-class discipleship programs.

Learn from Leading Experts

Each program has been developed by an international team of industry experts and presented by acclaimed Clinical Psychologist Dr Robi Sonderegger. Pastoral Care themes include mental, emotional, relational, behavioural, financial and spiritual health.

The Best of Science and Scripture

Combining the latest industry research with timeless Biblical wisdom, each discipleship program offers in depth, practical and inspirational teaching designed to motivate, equip and empower participants. All video-based learning is accompanied by a downloadable workbook pack with lesson summaries, practical activities and discussion questions.

Community-wide Empowerment

A basic subscription gives you access a treasure chest of pastoral care and discipleship resources (unlimited assessments and program downloads). Peoplecare is not only relevant for the specific community your organisation serves, but personal development programs are also applicable for staff training and broader outreach initiatives.
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This platform is specifically designed for pastoral care facilitators.

Rather than trying to be a person’s therapist, Peoplecare allows you to partner with an entire team of industry experts who've developed a broad range of empowerment programs that you can simply plug and play.

"In a world of increasing mental ill-health, the realm of the soul and the mind needs essential knowledge and wisdom."
Ps. Bobbie Houston


Whether large or small, conservative or charismatic, single or multi-campus, Peoplecare is used by Christian leaders of all denominations.
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Whether for students, parents or Christian school staff, Peoplecare offers a broad array of program themes designed to help leaders lead and families thrive.
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Frontline Christian ministries utilise Peoplecare to serve refugees, survivors of human trafficking, and communities affected by war and natural disaster.
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Christian organisations (whether corporate or social) utilise Peoplecare as a personal development tool to enrich the lives of both staff and the community members they serve.
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